About Jakob De Proft

Since over 30 years I have been passionated by sustainability and trying to understand why we do what we do. It is my hearts desire to create a world filled with people creating a more sustainable future for coming generations.

Most people I meet agree that they should and want to join the idea and create a better world for their children. But knowing and wanting are not enough. Creating sustainability might be simple – but it involves changing of habit that have been programmed in our genes – often over several generations.

It is the habits of mankind that created the world as it is now. Beautiful – with several high risks and unfortunately many dark spots filled with war, solution, social inequality, …

I always believed in each ones responsibility. Don’t misunderstand – being responsible is not being guilty. That latter has to do with the past and it is about blaming someone. Being responsible is possible for everyone. It is about the future.

With responsibility in mind I have created several projects with positive socio-ecological impact. Including the coaching of dozens of people towards a sustainable lifestyle, Fling Tent (biodegradable camping tents for music festivals), being on the board of LETS Vlaanderen (local currency) and daŭranta (sustainable catering).

Together with daŭranta we developed the 5P’s and are now starting daŭranta Akamedio in order to train people and businesses toward the UN Sustainable Development Goals.