W1P1 – preface (changing habits)

I just started reading Intimate Modeling. The first week will be most of the reading. It seems that some structure will be needed for the next weeks.
Intimate Modeling: Your FUN 7 Week Course to Create the Life You Want
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Changing habits – preparation

In order to read this book I know that I will have to change some habits. I do not have the habit it taking a book and reading it every day for a bit. I am rather reading a lot or nothing at all. That will not work if I want to follow the guidelines during the next 7 weeks.

Therefore I will take one hour in the late evening and an optional hour in the morning every single day into grasping this training. No change ever comes with our offering something. Sleeping less could be a solution – but rather dangerous I guess. I will offer the time I use to watch some movies and the time I spend on other non-important issues.

I will also put pen and paper close at any time. Most of my writing is with the computer. But I want to be sure that I can take a not at ANY time.

I just noticed that by reading I am often distracted by messaged on my phone and computer. Switch Facebook OFF now. And other non urgent distractors.


In en countered the first problem in knowing wether this course will work or not. Measuring. As most of the things around this book are not tangible – it’s harder to measure the improvements. Sure I will feel them if the improvement is big enough!

The promises from the book

Honestly Ken Haberman doesn’t promise anything as it all depends on the reader. That is something that add value to the writer. It’s completely true. Knowing something without action doesn’t change anything.

But here is some things that might happen:

  • It is unlikely that you could take the Intimate Modeling Course and not enjoy the experience and noticeable improvements in your life.
  • Ken Haberman hopes that by reading this book more people will live their life more happily, more lovingly, more abundantly and free of regrets.
  • Even if you take the Intimate Modeling Course only once you will likely enjoy long term benefits (How will we measure this?)
  • It’s not a self improvement course. Doesn’t change personality. By slight changes in habits and thoughts it creates big differences

Some inspiration quotes that crossed my mind

  • There are two ways to live your life, as if everything is a miracle or as if nothing is a miracle (Albert Einstein)

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