The paradox of change – happiness


  • The paradox of change

It’s a paradox. And apparently impossible for anyone to make a change for the better when it’s bad right now.

Let’s start with some examples.

  • Rich people can earn more easily
  • Healthy people can easily improve their health
  • Good singers can sing better
  • A good gardener improves day by day
  • Happy people easily stay happy

So, when you have your qualities or things you own it’s not to hard to get more of it.

I have my writing. I know I’m not the best – but I love it and I know I’m better than most. And all the time I get better.

I can speak for public – and every time I do I get better.

I design tents (yes, I do) – and every time it gets better.


The same counts for you. You’ve got qualities and you can get better at them.


But also the opposite is truth.

  • Poor people get poorer
  • Weak people get weaker
  • Unhappy people get more unhappy


This last is the key to change. How to get from poor to wealth – getting from weak to strong – getting from unhappy to happy.

It’s not easy and I would suggest that if anyone wants to make a change like this – look for help. Don’t try to do at yourself. It’s simple – but it’s not easy. It implements making choices that are totally new for you. The best person that can help you is someone who has the qualities you desire.

If you can’t find anyone – start reading about such a persons  -start looking at movies about the subject you desire – and stop – absolutely stop listening to people, media who are dealing with your old habits.


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