Sustainability audit for catering

Together with dauranta we’re working on a sustainability audit for catering companies. It will be part of the registration in order to join the dauranta network. This way dauranta will be able to serve sustainable catering all over Belgium and beyond.

Our view on sustainability is divided in five parts. Every part is as important as any other part. There is no sequence. We call these parts the five P’s.

  1. People
  2. Pleasure
  3. Planet
  4. Prosperity
  5. Passion

Dummy audit pie chart.

Let me briefly explain why every aspect is as important as the other. I’ll also explain what the sustainability audit looks like.

Briefly – because our audit is very extensive and will give a an interesting view on a catering company and how to become more sustainable.


This is the social aspect of our audit. We will investigate the social background of the used products. And that’s not all. We will also check the working conditions of your employees and the social mix between your employees.

We believe that care for people is essential for the future.


In intensive check on the ecological impact of your service based on the environmental impact of the production of food, the distance it comes from, animal welfare, CO2 and waste management.

Everyone understands that ecological care for the planet is extremely important.


In some literature this is called profit. That is not how we look at it. Making profit is very money related. I like that – but it is not important to keep on making more profit. As long as one is not loosing – that’s ok. We respect companies that decide to slow down business for their own happiness.

But prosperity is a lot more. It’s also healthy and nutritious food. And in our case – it’s also what you give to the dauranta network.


Harder to measure – but not less important – is the pleasure factor. It is why people will like your service and will come back. Because they enjoyed.Because they noticed you and your colleagues enjoyed. Because of the exotic feeling that your catering service offered.

There is simply no sustainable impact if people don’t like your service and do not come back.


Passion is not the same as pleasure. Pleasure is what you give. Passion is how you do it and how you inspire others (colleagues, clients, ….) to follow your example.

We can read your sustainable aspirations in your mission statement. All communication breaths out your desire to become more sustainable. And that is so intriguing for others.


First audits are planned in November 2015 in Belgium. Other European countries will follow in 2016.


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