The sustainability coach (English)

You want a change in your life. Not just a change – but a change that benefits yourself and helps developing creating a more sustainable future for our society.

If that is what you want – I want to help by coaching you.

That’s what a sustainability coach does. Nothing more than any other personal coach – but specialized in supporting those people that want to make a change.

Since my youth I have been passionated about sustainability and behavioral change. I haven’t stopped studying this subject ever since.

A small change

Without a change in behavior – nothing will ever change.
I am here to support you in finding that little (or big) change in behavior that makes a huge difference in your life. I am here to support you in changing that behavior.

A giant leap

How often hasn’t a small idea made a huge difference in results? Just think about a glass of water balancing at the side of the table. A small change in any direction makes an important difference.
A small step might be calling the right person with a proposal, asking someone to marry you, inspire someone to start an action, invite the neighbors for an event on lowering the energy bill, …
Small steps – but with probably giant results.
A you looking for your small step? Contact me right away. We’ll get to work together.

 Personal coaching

After an intake from around 30 minutes we decide on working together.
We work together over Skype, which is a time and energy saving solution working all over the world.
Sometimes a single session will open views and you might get enough to proceed.
Mostly and usually we’ll speak to each other several times spread over weeks.
After every session you will receive a mind map with the overview on the passed talk. This will support you in taking actions and clearing your mind.
Remember that taking action is the only way to make a change!

Confidentiality guaranteed.

Take your first step now

Contact me right away. No risk, no pay. What’s holding you? Do it now.

I try to be of benefit during every single conversation.

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