W1P3 – power of small differences

Putting self development training to the test. In these blogs I am reading and testing the Intimate Modeling course from Ken Haberman.
Intimate Modeling: Your FUN 7 Week Course to Create the Life You Want
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Results since last blog

How difficult to state that any result has to do anything by reading and action upon this course. But looking back over the weeks to come – I will probably notice changes that will have made a difference in any way.

Today some things happened:

  • I got a new customer for my outdoor business agency. Probably my second biggest. It was a very nice conversation. He (the customer) must have noticed the passion and willingness to help in my eyes -:)
  • Out of the blue I received another business proposal. Still have to read it. But even if I won’t accept – I am so happy and grateful that this old relation though of me.

The power of small differences

This title of a paragraph in Ken Haberman’s course is the one that runs around in my mind. I’m probably not yet grasping it completely what Ken means but I feel there is something very important for me to learn.

It puts a lot of stress on me when I am reading this. A small difference can cause big differences – and if I don’t make this small difference, nothing will happen. I feel I need someone to coach me on this. Where and how do I make this small change in my life. Funny – that is exactly what I coach other people about.

The mini course

At the end of the book there is a mini course. To prepare for shortly upcoming events. Interesting to know by now. I’m sure that one of the next days this mini course might be of use.

Actions that I need to take

Ken Haberman advices to start slow. Apparently there is some recommended activities further in the introduction.

I am to find a dedicated time every day to do some Intimate Modeling training. I find that difficult to do as I wan to do this in privacy – on my own. And in the house we live in now – this is not easy. Could I do it while making a walk? Or by leaving just a bit later than my family members every morning?

One of the thinks I will concentrate on the next days is on my thoughts. Thinking on the things I have that money can’t buy. Out smart son, my lovely wife, my relaxed being, my grateful customers, a nice home, …

Promises – benefits of Intimate Modeling

  1. It’s fun
  2. It can benefit almost everyone
  3. Increases our attraction power for all good
  4. Intimate Modeling might be the last self help course we need. Oops – I wanted to try another one at some stage -:)
  5. Short term inspiration and long term gain
  6. Help free you from what you don’t want (see Warning below)
  7. Piece of mind
  8. Improved mental and physical health
  9. Improved relationships
  10. Create the life you (I in this case) want
  11. Intimate Modeling gets a habit
  12. Work less, thrill more!

And more! I will get back to this in 7 weeks from now that I am writing this.

The law of attraction

As written before – this training is partly based upon the great Law of Attraction (LOA). The easiest way to explain is these words: “Like attracts like”.

We attract in our lives what we are – and not what we think we are. Therefore it is crucial to make small but smart changes in what we think. We are responsible to work with this law. It always works just like the law of gravity. It cannot be fooled.

Ken Haberman explains in his book how we should deal with the Law of Attraction. It’s useful stuff!

Ken’s advice

  1. Let feeling’s be my guide
  2. Choose activities so I look forward to Intimate Modeling  sessions
  3. Do a little less than I can (this one is great!)


The law of attraction (LOA) can bring us what we do not want. It brings us what we think about. Therefore we need to think on what we want. We CAN choose our own thoughts.

Quotes that inspired me reading today

  • Change the way you look at things and the things you look at will change. (lao Tzu)
  • It is what it is (loving this one – it so simple and so powerful)
  • If you are not enjoying yourself, your are wasting time (Susan Jeffers)
  • Motivation get you going. Habits get you there.  (Art Sobczak)

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