W1P4 – choice for big results

Putting self development training to the test. In these blogs I am reading and testing the Intimate Modeling course from Ken Haberman.
Intimate Modeling: Your FUN 7 Week Course to Create the Life You Want
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Results since last blog

Nothing to mention today.

Thoughts while reading

Day 4 – I have read 15% of the book. I’m reading slowly. Making notes – and highlighting parts. The introduction in quite large. I expected to have the time to read and re-read as suggested. If I want to do that – I will have to take more time every day.

And here I read: “‘If you want BIG results from Intimate Modeling, you need BIG focus on it for the next seven weeks.

This is something to overthink. BIG… – it’s yelling in my head: “YES, I WANT BIG RESULTS” – and at the same time there is a little but powerful devil in my head telling me “It’s not going to work – don’t spend too much energy on it – you’re not going to be supported by your loved ones – ….”.

I can choose my own thoughts. I KNOW that I cannot get more out if I put little in. Choose now, Jakob, make your choice for the next 7 weeks.

“Let’s go for the BIG results”. I will mail Ken Haberman and tell him that. Hopefully he’s willing to support me. This blog is not just for me. It’s not for Ken. It’s not just for my coaching customers. It’s for everyone who wants a change for the better in his/her live and in the life of others.


Big results need a big space
Big results need a big space

Morning advice from a good friend

I called my good friend Anita Sheehan earlier today. She’s a great coach. She supported me by giving me a morning advice which I will take as long as it is not conflicting the theory of this book.

Before stepping out of bed – do these five steps:
  1. Name 3 things for which I am grateful
  2. State one positive intention for the day
  3. Take three deep breaths
  4. Forgive myself for whatever happened the day before
  5. Smile – and keep that smile as long as possible.
Thank you Anita!

Things to do

Make a schedule

In order to find time I will make a schedule with how I spend my time now. Then I can decide what I can cut away to devote to Intimate Modeling. I now estimate the time I spend on each.

  • Self development (this training and a little bit more) – 2,5 hours
  • Sheltercare and outdoor agency-  6 hours
  • Coaching – 1 hour
  • Family care – 4 hours
  • Reading – hardly at this moment. Isabel Allende has to wait a bit.
  • Hobbies – none, my work is my hobby.
  • TV – we don’t use our TV. But around 30 minutes a day we spend on something on youtube
  • Sports – hardly at this moment. I would like to restart running
  • Internet: 30 minutes
  • Sleeping – too little

I’ll have to run over this list a couple of time.  I can see that for sure I can cut on the time I spend on Sheltercare and bring that over to sleeping more, coaching more, doing a bit of sports.

That’s the plan for now – but I need to walk over those times again.

Core activities

The book suggest for the rest of the 7 weeks to take 6 core activities every day – and 9 other optional activities to strengthen the effect of the training. Wow – it’s going to be heavy the next 7 weeks. I wonder if this can be fun. I know I just have to proceed here and just do it.

  1. Review and accept weekly mindsets
  2. Create my vision
  3. own my experiences
  4. Rate my thoughts
  5. Update my manifestation diary
  6. Intimate Modeling

Then Ken advices 9 optional activities.

I experience a mixed feeling of excitement and scare for the BIG I promised myself. But Ken Haberman suggests to relax. Feeling comfortable is important.

Setting my vision for the Intimate Modeling course

I, Jakob De Proft, set my vision for my Intimate Modeling Course as:

Growing my income substanially by adding value for others and for the environment.


Supporting my family in their spiritual, emotional and physical health.

Personal statement of ownership

I, Jakob De Proft, take full ownership for this Intimate Modeling Course. I realize that by owning my experiences I empower myself in creating my vision.

Rating thoughts

From all I read today the exercise of rating my thoughts was the strongest. Let me try to to this with one thought.

Jakob, You’re tired. You should go to bed.

I rate this 4/10

Jakob, after you close the book for tonight you earned a good night.

Better – 7/10

Jakob, you have earned a good night of sleep. Tomorrow a bright new happy days awaits with unexpected good things.

I like this. 8,5/10. Closing this blog now.

Inspirational quotes for this day of reading

  • To be in hell is to drift. To be in heaven is to steer. (George Bernard Shaw)

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