W1P6 – Intimate Modeling Experience

Putting self development training to the test. In these blogs I am reading and testing the Intimate Modeling course from Ken Haberman.
Intimate Modeling: Your FUN 7 Week Course to Create the Life You Want
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Results since last blog

I woke up and silently did the wake-up routine for the second time as suggested by Anita Sheehan. Felt good. I kept smiling for longer than usual.

I contacted a small innovation advisory office yesterday. Out of the blue. Just because I like what they do. I just wrote a motivational short email. The owner wrote me back. He was enthused to get in contact with me. We found several thing in which we might support each other. Gosh – I like this.

My first intimate modeling experience

This was fun! It really was. Just imagine the situation I was in when I did this.

I was sitting in the car in a long jam. I knew it would take at least an hour. The jam was because I was waiting for the obliged car-control in Belgium. The car moves 4 meter every 5 minutes. Sometimes every 15 minutes.

Prepared myself by creating a vision and title for the session. Ken Haberman also suggest to take some props that help being in the right mood and making the experience more real.

Now, in the car I had very little. I took my warm down jacket (I really love this Crux jacket) – put the heating on (it’s cold outside) and imagined everything else.

To confront myself I started Photo Boot on my Mac. I could see myself on the computer screen.

Foto op 6-03-15 om 10.07

I felt happy, inspired and motivated.

It’s true – Intimate Modeling can be done everywhere!

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