W1P7 – Review Intimate Modeling week 1

Putting self development training to the test. In these blogs I am reading and testing the Intimate Modeling course from Ken Haberman.
Intimate Modeling: Your FUN 7 Week Course to Create the Life You Want
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Review Intimate Modeling, week 1

Today I devoted all my time to my family. There has been little time for Intimate Modeling. But several things from what I learned stayed in my mind.

The introduction int the book is almost half of the book. But now that I have read it – I feel that it is probably very useful for the next weeks. Then it will be less reading and more acting, I guess.

Rate your thougths

The most that came up was one of the core activities: “Rate your thoughts“. I stopped several times to think: “What is on my mind now ? Can I reframe that idea so that it is more powerful?”

At night I told my son about this activity. I know he wants to go fishing. I learned him to reframe his question to make it more powerful. And it works. It gives a lot more energy to myself and him.


I often wonder when I can make time for the Intimate Modeling.  I have the time on the clock – but not the time in privacy to stand in front of a mirror and do this exercise. I do feel a bit stupid doing this while the people around me don’t get a clue at all about this training.

But I know that “time” has always been an issue to me. We all have 24 hours a day. Some people are a lot more productive in a single hour then I am in in a single month.

There MUST be something I can learn here.


Yesterday we had a meeting with the directors from my small company Sheltercare. Apparently our company isn’t worth very much. For sure not in the eyes of an accountant.

I decided that we can make it worth a lot by looking from a different angle. It means for me that I will expand our business worldwide and that I will start looking for strategical partners in different continents. Relaxed but with no procrastination. I feel very excited about this. And I feel that Intimate Modeling will for sure help me in this search.

Skype Coaching

I am very excited about my new Skype Coaching offer. I have been a coach for several years – mainly attracting people want a change in their life which is also positively affecting the life of others.

I call myself the “Sustainability Coach“. Creating a sustainable future has always been my “thing”.

Now people can make an appointment over my website, call in with Skype and pay with Paypal.


This blog

I feel very excited that so many people are reading this blog. Never expected more than 30 a day. For sure not more than a hundred. Now that I see so may – I will try to give as much value as possible.


 And tomorrow

I’m looking forward to start with the real thing. Tomorrow

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