W2P3 – Find a mentor

Putting self development training to the test. In these blogs I am reading and testing the Intimate Modeling course from Ken Haberman.


Always more visitors from the blog. That inspires and empowers to move on!

What I did

Honestly – it hasn’t been easy all day to keep on feeling good. I can tell you that it had been better than usual – but I’m not yet satisfied. Let’s gear up a bit.

Besides the regular exercises and  acceptance of the mindsets and – here below – I chose to act upon some of the optional activities.


  • Choose to live in the now
  • Make feeling good your TOP priority
  • Adopt biases which empower you
  • Express gratitude often
  • Treat your feelings as your inner GPS


Do something that makes me feel better right now

I have music that make me feel good  – putten in an easy to play list and I made a lits with things that can make me happy fast. One of them is writing. So, here is the great benefit I have. Writing this blog makes me feel happy. Of course – for you it might be something totally different. Be it ironing, doing the dished, running or whatever. For me it’s writing. Even when it’s not even in my native language (sure you’ll notice).

Also – I try not to listen and watch the new anymore. Or at least a lot less. I found out that my happy mood falls down as soon as I see the news. Difficult – as following the news several times a day is a deeply engraved habit.

Also – I subscribed to a joke group on Facebook. Honestly, I rarely laugh with those jokes. But at least they make me smile!

Find a mentor

Ken suggest to find a mentor for this week. I know someone I really admire for being happy at all time. He know I admire him. But he cannot be reached now. Therefore I will keep him in my mind as a mentor for the next 6 days. I’ll have imagined conversations with him.


More than other days I focus on being grateful for whatever happens. Right now I’m so happy that I found some coffee on a shelve at home. From a kind that doesn’t exist anymore. And I like it. By writing these line I found that happiness and gratitude are closely related.


In my case – I always go back to the same place in my mind. A place and time I remember and when I experienced total happiness. it is so easy to go back at that specific place in my mind and relive this happiness. For having been there I am grateful.

It doesn’t have to be this way. For you it might be totally different!

Make a new story

Thank yo Ken – I was looking for something to help me when I got stuck the last hours. I got stuck in my mind with mixed feelings and they did not made me feel happy.

– I cannot focus at two things at the time. I’m doing bot of them badly.

Now I am rewriting my story. Please come back more often – I will rewrite this text several times in this blog post.

My new story would be:

– I can easily focus on different things, one at the time. In such a way I can do all of them good. It will bring me money and will add to the lives of others.

I am touched and inspired by watching again to The Shift form Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. It’s really reinforcing this training.


Do something you want to do badly

Don’t know what yet – but I am looking forward to take a risk ad just do something. I know I can and I know I cannot loose! And my god, yes, it’s scary. Even not knowing what it is.

Make a game of it

I often play games with my son while we are in the car. We get points for seeing certain brands, people or whatever. I might encourage him to join for a new game.

Something like: “1 point for every gratitude we hear or see – 10 points for laughing loudly or seeing someone doing that, ….”

Ken suggest to make a notebook on “Bad things gone good”. I have to think about this one.

Let go and let happen

Simple – and effective for me. That’s why I am writing this much in my diary (and blog).  Whatever I write about releases stress. That’s fun.

Sure of course that it might be totally different for anyone else!



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