W2P4 – being happy

Putting self development training to the test. In these blogs I am reading and testing the Intimate Modeling course from Ken Haberman.


We’ll never know wether certain results are directly related to the Intimate Modeling course or not. BUT – if after these seven weeks I have demonstrated remarkable more positive results in relations, business, spirituality, income and so on – then I consider this as results that are close related to Intimate Modeling.

I am proud that I feel happier in my business and things are moving in the right direction.

Few of the results I had yesterday:

  • Old business relation relaunched
  • High level talks on a possible joint venture with new products
  • Some mails and talks with people I really admire and haven’t spoken for a long time
  • Feeling happier – more music in my life

Fear of being happy?

Being happy is fun – but surely need attention.

The paradox is that while being committed to be happy I bump on fears. Fearless is not especially a happy feeling.

My greatest fear is to demonstrate the process of change to my closest relations.

Not the change itself. When I’m happy, that’s OK. But when I am trying to be happy and feel the need to explain that – once again – I am following a training. And that in the past I have demonstrated that those training are not always effective (on me) as they pretended to be.

I know – it’s different now. That’s why I write this blog – that’s why I have regular contact with Ken Haberman.

Its’ not always easy

For sure it’s not easy.As I am trying to go through this pattern of change – I’m all the time confronted with the world around me that is not wanting me to change the way I see it. Giving me advice in opposite direction and bringing confusion in my mind.

The hardest is the confrontation with the closest relatives.

Intimate Modelling sessions

Today I had an IM session on the phone with a possible new business partner. I had this session a couple of hours before the real conversation.

I’m so grateful I did this. It really helped in our conversation.

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