W3P2 – Ad value (2) – Pay it forward

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  1. Choose the path which enables you to add the most value
  2. Add value to your relationships
  3. Pay it forward
  4. Find our what others really want
  5. Associate with value adders


( This blog follows on the previous blog “Add Value (1)”)


Paying it forward is adding value to people’s lives without expecting anything in return.

There is a great movie on this. I think every one should have seen it.

[youtube width=”400″ height=”300″]5ZTm-iYUpm4[/youtube]


Buy the movie – you are probably going to want to see it again. Or pass it on to someone you know.


This short paragraph from “Intimate Modeling, your FUN 7 week Course” is – up until now – the most difficult part for me. This is really out of my comfort zone.

I do not like or want to ask other what they think of dealing with me. For sure not placing a number on it from 0 to 10.

Of course I understand the value of this. And that by doing this I can add a lot more to the life of other people than I do now. Next appointment – in 3 minutes from now as I al writing – let’s try.


And I did – be it not in the shape as stated by Ken.

I am so happy that I now have a new agreement with a company that I wanted to work for since over a year. The coming days everything will be put on paper.



As a last mindset for this week Ken suggests to associate with other value adders. Which is what I will do. It’s such a co-incidance that tomorrow I am invited to some kind of a seminar which attracts almost exclusively value adders. Great! That will be fun!


As usually I cannot make a straight connection with the training from Ken Haberman. But as the results grow – I intend to believe this training works.

The last few days:

  • Agreement with a tent producing company the way I wanted it – beneficial for them and beneficial for human aid!
  • Having been invited to an interesting seminar
  • Got free advice and help to make a large terrace at the side of our house
  • …. and a number of other small things.



Putting self development training to the test. In these blogs I am reading and testing the Intimate Modeling course from Ken Haberman.

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