W4P1- Love yourself

Putting self development training to the test. In these blogs I am reading and testing the Intimate Modeling course from Ken Haberman.

Not everything happens as planned. But as the late Stephen Covey said in his book on The Sever Habits – we should concentrate on our circle of influence.

For some reason I sometimes fall into the pitfall and get my attention outside this circle. My ill son, a broken car, … whatever.

It’s a good lesson for me to keep my attention on those things that I can influence. Right now I have time to read and write. It’s late – but I do not feel tired yet.

The Power of the Hearth

Yesterday night – rather than reading in Intimate Modeling – my wife and I watched the movie “The Power of the Hearth”.

I can recommend anyone to see this movie! It’s very compatible with the messages from this course.

This docu was made with some writers I really admire like Isabel Allende and Paulo Coelho.


Love yourself

It’s true – we spend by far more time with ourselves than with anyone else. Wherever we go – whichever time in our lives – ourselves are always with us.

I’m getting the point from Ken Haberman. It’s not snobbism or something alike.

Loving ourselves improves our relation with others. In fact – our relation with others mirrors the relation we have with ourselves.

I head to read this twice to really grasp it.

The mindsets for this week

  1. Seek only to impress yourself
  2. Thrust your inner guide
  3. Treat your body and spirit as temples
  4. Invest in yourself
  5. Free yourself from judgment

Seek only to impress yourself

What I learned from this mindset is to concentrate on my own strength. And to seek other people to do those things that are not my strength.

I also learned to speak about myself as an equal to the people I admire most of all.

Thrust your inner guide

Reading this mindset made me aware that I do have an inner guide. And that this inner voice that I often hear is not just an annoying little devil – rather it is a wise angel that is in me.

I have really powerful and wise friends giving well thought advice. I love them. It is OK to listen to their advice. But my inner guide is my most important advisor.

The idea of thrusting the inner guide feels relaxed and powerful. I will give this attention this week.

Treat your body and spirit as temples

I confess. I confess that the last months I haven’t been treating my body and spirit too well. Not bad neither. But “not bad” is far from a temple. I wonder how fast I can change my habits here.

Maybe I can split it up into a few measurable changes:

  • No more real coffee this week (I always drink this with sugar)
  • Always sleep before midnight (now is an exception – it’s over midnight – let’s move on!)
  • Go for running twice a week. Monday and Wednesday.

Invest in yourself

I wonder how…  What will I do different this week…

I know – I will take more time in completing my diary. And clean up. I’ll invest more time in looking good. Don’t yet know how exactly. I guess this will depend on the situation.


  • You, yourself as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserver your love and attention. (Buddha)
  • You take yourself with you to wherever you go.
  • Don’t change so people will like you. By yourself and the people will love the real you.
  • There is no substitute for loving yourself (Ken Haberman)
  • It is impossible to love yourself too much (Ken Haberman)
  • The law can offer some protection from harm by others. But the law cannot stop people from harming themselves (Thomas Jefferson)
  • The greatest wealth is health (Virgil)


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