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Putting self development training to the test. In these blogs I am reading and testing the Intimate Modeling course from Ken Haberman.
Intimate Modeling: Your FUN 7 Week Course to Create the Life You Want
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I have decided to change FUN 7 Week program by making this week. I really want to take the add value week serious. At the same time I found myself being a bit slower on the course as my son got ill again. It takes a bit of my time.

But as being said before – persist! No matter what, persist!

And yes, I am enjoying it.

Take one small step right now

I am now reading the optional activities. The first one in the row is “To take one small step right now”.

It’s late in the evening. I am trying to take the advice strict… “right now”. No one I can call now. But I know something. If feels amazing.

Tomorrow I will install several tents on an event from a customer. Some of my competitors will do the same. Even though the event doesn’t start before next week Tuesday.

What I will do – make a short movie to promote this event and post it on youtube, Facebook, Twitter. Just to help my customer. Yeah – feels good!

Visualize adding value

Also referring to this event – I visualize that I will add value to a large group of people by offering them the right kind of camping tent. They will love staying in this tent – even when the weather turns really bad. They will feel secure. So will I.


Make a new story

With several of my customers I used to have a lousy relation. They bought some products because they like me – but I never sold them a lot.

Now I will add to their life by selling them a wide range of useful products. It will bring them growth and a better relation to their customers.


This line has been written two days after the previous lines. I did what I said. And I am continuing adding value to my customers. It feels good. Even though I experienced that I was slowing down a bit. My son had been ill last week. I feel this absorbs my energy as I work from how.

There must be a way to turn this around. There must be a way to uplift the energy – or at least not being less effective – even when my son is home ill. I will find it.

Looking forward to start the 4th week of the Intimate Modeling course.


Funny – I got a request from a company that wants to place an add at msi4life.com. I had this website going on automatic pilot for some time – to start using it for real at some stage.

The idea is to inform people about ways to earn income through multiple sources. There is hundreds – if not thousands – if systems available. But little or no neutral information. That what this site is about.

I am grateful for the advertising request.

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