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Putting self development training to the test. In these blogs I am reading and testing the Intimate Modeling course from Ken Haberman.
Intimate Modeling: Your FUN 7 Week Course to Create the Life You Want
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We’re moving on. No – I am moving on.

I found out that it’s not very easy to follow the guidelines – simple, but not easy. Therefore I wrote a mail to Ken Haberman with my first founding. I feel appreciated and grateful that Ken listened to me and is now preparing a next step in I.M. to improve the added value of this training.


There is of course no doubt that the previous point is the direct result of the Intimate Modeling training .

I try to concentrate fully on the positive results that light be related to this training. Let’s say that in the manifestation diary that I keep – there is a lot of little things happening that might be boring to the readers here. But important for me.

Here is some things:

  • Got a proposal to help starting a new business. Meeting next week. I will play this meeting beforehand with Intimate Modeling.
  • Found a job – for which I applied – that is compatible with all my other activities. Just wait and see.
  • Found a way to make a terrace next to our home ecological, strong and almost free!
  • I love the relation I have with my wife and son. My son’s health is improving.
  • Adding value in every transaction takes continues effort – but also gives results.
  • Just had a call from a potential customer that I lost contact with for several weeks. It appears that he was in hospital. But he’s preparing a huge order for me. My biggest up until now.
  • My biggest potential customer in my region will be starting selling our products from next week on!
  • I started to contact potential customers again
  • Tentshows started – I did this every year. But this I am invited to a lot more shows than before. I earn on every sold tent from the three brands I represent.
  • Will start representing a social and sustainable projects. They make yurt -like shelters for refugees in war zones. We designed a tent for home use in our western countries. Every tent sold supports the refugee projects.

Writing a new story again

Thanks to the hints from the book I was able to turn a negative story in a completely new and positive one.

After receiving an email from someone I owe money to I felt bad I didn’t paid him back yet. With the IM techniques I was able to reframe these thoughts and make it a positive thought.

Then I looked at my actual situation. Good health but financially not healthy for the moment.

I decided to make it a new story of – wherever one is now- I will be an example of getting back on trails and start climbing again.

Love yourself

I said I would start running again, sleeping enough and not drinking coffee.

The running became cycling – but I did.

I went to sleep every night before 12 (usually 2AM)

I did not drunk any coffee yet. Not even tea – just water. And I feel good like this. I even feel better in my body.

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